This is one of my first programms I've ever written. I guess I would do a lot of things different now. However it still fun to play. And even if it's not very beautiful or a technical masterpiece it's still fun to play. :)

I found this text on and it describes really well what Sokoban is all about:

Sokoban means warehouse keeper in Japanese. The player pushes objects (balls, crates or money bags depending on the version) to their correct destinations in a crowded "warehouse". The puzzles range from very simple to extremely difficult ones requiring many hours of brain work.

The game was invented in Japan and won a computer game contest there.
The original program was written by Hiroyuki Imabayashi and is Copyright(c)1982 by THINKING RABBIT Inc. JAPAN. Since then, many other versions of the program have been written and additional sets of puzzles have been created. Many of these may be found by searching the internet.

That's it, sounds so simple but I asure you it's not. However, Why write another Sokoban clone. Because as I searched for a Sokoban game around the web no game that crossed my way was able to scale the size of the game field. Every clone out there got nice bitmaps there etc but the size was not scaleable. Either the size was so small that I could not see a thing (1600x1200) or there are this ugly scrollbars in bigger levels which definitly are not very comfortable if one wants to keep the overview.

So I decided to build my own Sokoban clone. This one scales with the size of the window, displaying always the full level to a size that fits the whole window. I don't understand why nobody has has done that before, because it's only a few extra lines and the thing scales. ;-)

Sokoban Screenshot

The game consits of the executable and the level file. Currently I put 69 Levels in there. The first 19 are from the original Sokoban. The rest is from the Sasquatch Set.

Controlling the game is very simple:

Arrow Keys: 

Move player


Start new game at level 1


Move to previous level


Move to next level


Restart level


Binary exe including level ini file:  



Source Code (MS Visual Studio 6.0):   



When starting the game for the first time the user must specify the location of the sokoban.ini file where all the levels are stored. The game remembers this information under HKCU\Software\Domo\Sokoban. To reinstall the game just delete this registry key.

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