Drinks A little overview of the drinks we had every eveneing. Edi Cigar Many good evenings started with a cigar and a couple of beers.
Paco Amstel Paco in a good mood with his Amstel. Bär Edi Cigar Bär and Edi after enjoing cigars and a couple of Wodka-Orange and Gin-Tonic
Hand Whos hand might that be? Punching Bettina punishing Peter for whatever reason. (I'm sure she has at least one)
Legends Greek wine and "not only" greek music was also on our list. Peter Cigar Peter and a big cigar.
Andi Cigar Andi enjoies his cigar. Joe Cigar Joe is trying to enjoy his cigar, but seems to fail.
Prost Paco and myself declaring the evening a good one. Smile Peter and JT also very happy about the evening.
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